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Everything You Need to Know
About the Success of Your Advertising
is Recorded In Your Phone Calls

Listen | Analyze | Report

Call DATUM listens to every call so you can:
  - Improve your sales team's efficiency
  - Identify your most profitable campaigns
Stop spending money on ineffective ads

Does Your Team Struggle to Convert Phone Calls to Sales?

Call DATUM Analytics | objective analysis of your sales calls

  • Call DATUM Analytics provides honest insight into how your team interacts with your customers.
  • Call DATUM will analyze staff performance, ad campaign performance, total calls by products or services and most importantly - the results of each call.
  • Improve sales and customer satisfaction immediately!


Call DATUM Reports | structured actionable business insights

  • Customized reports are delivered daily, weekly or monthly.
  • See which ads generate the most and the best leads.
  • Tell at-a-glance your most profitable campaigns.
  • Customize sales training for team members.
  • Accurately measure your advertising ROI.



"We have call tracking but we never have time to listen to all the calls. Call Datum listens for us. Blown sales calls are tagged for staff review and training, Accurate PPC and print ad campaign results are now possible. A list of customers flagged for immediate call-back is provided - its all there in the reports." Shawn Gray, VP Sales, Performance Nautical                                                                                                                                                             

Why Analyze Your Calls?

Better Staff Performance
If your marketing is generating phone calls, but you are not satisfied with your sales results, the problem could be the way your team handles telephone leads.

will review your recorded calls and provide an assessment of your staffs' skills; identify ineffective sales techniques and alert you to lost sales opportunities.

Better Campaign Performance
Listening to and analyzing your recorded phone leads enables you to accurately measure the success of your advertising campaigns.